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Parma – Foggia

Parma hosts Foggia in a game from the 32th round of the Italian Serie B. Let’s have a look at this clash in the city of Parma and see what’s going on here.

Parma continue with their fight for a promotion to the Serie A. They are currently 8th in the Serie B standings with 44 points, being on par with the 9th Carpi and trailing on two points behind the 6th Peruggia and the 7th Venezia.

Right now Parma have a record of 12 wins, 8 draws and 10 defeats. In their last five games they won twice, lost twice and made one draw. In their last match Parma suffered a 0-2 defeat during the visit to Virtus Entella. Before this they were in a positive run of two consecutive wins against Salernitana and Pescara.

Foggia on the other hand are 12th in the league standings with 40 points. Their record so far shows 11 wins, 7 draws and 12 defeats. In their last five games Foggia won three times and lost twice. Foggia are just 4 points behind Parma in Serie B standings, so they still have some chances to chase a promotion to the Serie A. But they need to be very consistent in the coming weeks, if they want to keep this hope alive and make it a reality.

In their last five games Foggia are winning and losing, but right now they need consistency. A win in Parma would allow Foggia to chase something more in the league, but it won’t be easy – Parma are having the same goals as well.

It’s an interesting clash between Parma and Foggia in the Serie B. Both teams are trying to win a place in the Serie A and the difference between them is short. Let’s see what’s going to happen.