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Coronavirus: Is it possible for the Champions League season to end?

Coronavirus: Is it possible for the Champions League season to end?

UEFA continues to discuss if there’s any chance for the Champions League season to be finished in the moment of a COVID-19 world pandemic. The coronavirus chaos ended the football season in a moment when there was the Champions League 1/8-finals being played.

According to Mundo Deportivo, UEFA will have another discussion regarding the subject. One of the ideas is to have a final tournament in which the two finalists would be decided. They would change the format of the competition to a single game, and most probably, the competition would be held in just one city – a city that is not that hurt from the COVID-19.

August is the month when such a tournament could be organized. So far this is just an idea, and there isn’t any severe discussion between UEFA and the clubs. It’s believed that both UEFA and the clubs want the competition to end with a winner, but it also depends on how the coronavirus pandemic will develop in the coming few months. Some countries such as Italy and Spain are still seriously hurt by the COVID-19, while Great Britain is suffering as well. According to some rumors, such a final competition in the Champions League could be held in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

One of the enormous problems for such a scenario, except the virus itself, is the severe changes that must be made in terms of television contracts. All of the deals would have to be negotiated again, which is a subject of great difficulty.

If this deal goes through, it’s almost certain that the matches would be played behind closed doors. This would be a strange thing to see as we are used to seeing the Champions League games being played in front of tenths of thousands of passionate fans. Is it better for the competition to be finished like this than never being finished at all? We guess all of us are having different opinions about this.

If this plan goes through, then the players would have their guaranteed 21 days of resting. After the Champions League is decided, we would see the domestic leagues starting their new 2020/21 season as well. The big question remains: how could they make the 2019/20 season end in a reasonable way? It’s believed that in the Bundesliga, they are getting prepared for a May return behind closed doors, while in the Spanish La Liga they are hoping for the same. But still – until the virus is fully contained, it’s difficult to think about this.

According to Bayern Munich’s French defender Lucas Hernandez, finishing the Champions League is just impossible at this moment. The World Cup winner believes that it’d be tough for the different teams to deal with the current lockdown and make it possible.

We can’t do anything right now but wait and see how the COVID-19 pandemic will develop in the next month or two. There are more important things than football now, and we all agree with this.