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Chelsea – Manchester United

Chelsea faces Manchester United in the FA Cup final at the Wembley Stadium in London. This is going to be one of the biggest games in England, just like every other FA Cup final. Let’s examine what’s happening with these two teams.

Both teams failed in the Premier League. For Chelsea it was even worst, because the Blues failed to finish in the Top 4, which means that they won’t play in the Champions League next season. This is a huge failure for the team which won the Premier League title just 12 months ago. It’s hard to explain what really happened at Chelsea, but they looked like a completely different team this season.

For Chelsea’s manager Antonio Conte this is going to be the last time he leads the team. The Italian tactician is leaving Stamford Bridge after this game. You can be sure that he’d want to leave Chelsea with a trophy.

Last season Conte once again led Chelsea to the FA Cup final, but his team was beaten by Arsenal. Now he gets another shot at the trophy.

Manchester United finished 2nd in the Premier League, just after the champion Manchester City. This is dissapointing for United, but at least they qualified once again for the Champions League. And the season is not over for them – they could still win the FA Cup, which would be some success for them.

United and Jose Mourinho really need this trophy. The club’s fans are getting really impatient, because Manchester United are failing to win the Premier League since sir Alex Ferguson left the club. They are not used to this. Winning the FA Cup is not the same as winning the Premier League, but at least it’s going to be something. Right now every trophy is important for Manchester United.